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About Us

Bionica Sp. z o.o. was founded in 1999 by Dr. Szymon J. Borys, a practitioner of internal medicine and a specialist in oriental medicine and dietetics. The company imports and sells certified ecological products throughout the entire country. Bionica consults doctors and dieticians when choosing which products to distribute, hence they are food and cosmetic products of the highest quality.

Bionica imports rice, oatmeal and soya drinks produced by Natumi, gluten-free rice and corn noodles made  by the Italian firm Andriani Alimenti and bodycare products from the Swiss firm WELEDA. Bionica also co-operates with small, family-owned companies from five continents. These businesses have been making (often unique) food for generations based on tried and tested recipes. In total, Bionica offers around 200 food products and over 100 cosmetics. These include cereals, flakes, beans, lentils, oilseed grains, oils, nuts, nut butters, dried fruit, spices, sauces, sugars, sweet syrups, sea algae and macrobiotic products.

Bionica's goal is to provide the Polish market with food that maintains or restores health. What makes the company stand out from the competition is the uniqueness of the brands it distributes. The highest priority for company employees is to ensure  that the products it sells are safe and healthy. As proof of its credentials in this respect, on 31 December 2004 Bionica was awarded the Agro Bio Test certificate. It also strictly observes the rules of the HACCP system. Thanks to its contracts with a number of leading delicatessen chains (Alma Market, Bomi, Piotr & Paweł, Społem) the company is present in many cities throughout Poland. It sells products to health food stores, selected pharmacies and pharmaceutical wholesalers. Moreover, individual clients can buy the company's products via the internet.

At the same time, Bionica is developing a brand geared towards providing high quality service: fast, professional and punctual. Investments in technology over the last few years (2007 - a packaging machine, 2008 - another packaging machine) have not only improved productivity and customer relations but also, and above all, made its food safer to eat. The company is rapidly building up its distribution network, launching new packaging on the market and transforming its web page into a portal devoted to health food issues.

Operational transparency, honesty, openness and reliability - thanks to these values Bionica has managed to establish a strong position on the market.  At a time when the fashion for ecological products is reaching an ever wider audience, it is precisely these qualities that constitute the company's real capital.